“La Calle Me Gusta” Video Release

There you have it, Mr Profeta & Filipe, La Calle Me Gusta
The video is being promoted on virtually all popular Dominican music websites. We reached 10 000 views 2 weeks after its release, so, so far, so good. Thanks to all our Dominican fans and everybody else supporting us. Pila de gracia :) la calle me guta filipeonline

Controlando Video Release

Me and Profeta have launched the video about a month ago, and so far, so good! It looks great, better than I expected! With the right promotion, we’re positive that it will go viral anytime soon! It will be posted untill February on websites such as Alofokemusic.net and Tedilumusic.com, which are very popular Dembow websites in DR. We are now negociating to have the song play on Dominican radio stations as well as the video played on television channels. I have all my hopes up for this video! I can’t wait to see it gain the amount of views it deserves! I’m thankful for everybody who participated in the making of it, as well as for the people that have been liking and sharing it so far! PILA DE GRACIAS A TODOS!! :)

Controlando 2


Mr.Profeta y Filipe : Dembow Revolution

For the past 2 months I have been extremely busy working on the project with Mr.Profeta, and now the first single is finally out; Controlando. The other songs from the project are in the process of being completed. I’m very proud of the work we have done so far. I have very high hopes for this collaboration. I’m flying to Santo Domingo to meet up with Profeta tomorrow morning. I’ll be staying there for two weeks, doing promo, videoshoots and whatever is necessary to get our stuff heard. I will do my best to capture images and document this experience as much as possible. This is my first time going to Dominican Republic on business, and I hope it won’t be the last. Me and Profeta have a million things to discuss and make happen in these two weeks. I’m praying for the best. I’m working the night shift Today, so I will be heading to the airport right after work to get there around 7h45am. I have 3 flights to catch, stopping in New York and Miami before landing in Santo Domingo, around 9pm.

It’s been a while since my last entry due to the amount of things I was dealing with. Aside from work, fatherhood and other activities, I was also putting a lot of time in the making of Dembow Revolution, as well as my 2nd project with KT. However, now that all the songs are in the post-production phase, I can focus more on posting updates and spreading the word. Like I said, I’m bringing the necessary to keep people tuned in on my activities down there. Make sure to watch, like, share, and comment on the video for the single Controlando, and be on the look out for more news coming soon!


What’s Up

For the past few weeks I’ve been working hard on my two upcoming projects; the one with Mr. Profeta (Dembow Music), and the on with K.T. The Beatboy (Hip Hop). I’ve been writing a lot of songs, studying tracks and modifying them when necessary, and I’ve been communicating a lot with Profeta as well.

Also, me and Profeta are now starting to build a studio in Santo Domingo. We already have 2 producers that will work for us. It’s almost up and running now, he just needs to get a bit more equipement and we’ll be good to go! We’re both very excited about this, as it will draw more attention to what we do, and should start generating income in no time. The first step will be to finalize our current project and release it. I’m now planning to go spend 2 weeks over there after the release. Can’t wait!

The Hip Hop project with KT, so far, sounds incredible, and as we keep working on it, it keeps sounding better and better. With the proper push, I am convinced that this will be my ticket in the big league! After spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars in different promotion tools (among 90% of which were almost completely ineffective), I now know exactly where to put my money. Consequently, I think this project will get good exposure and a massive buzz in a relatively short amount of time. So much for all the cash I basically threw out the window….but hey, you live and you learn. It takes hardwork and perseverance to get somewhere in this business, and I’m sure I have provided more than enough of both!

God willing, stardom shouldn’t be to far away now, I still believe, and I’ll never quit….


1st Studio Session For The New Project

This week I went to Seratone Studios to record a “skeleton” of my upcoming project. I was able to lay a first version of all the songs in about 2 hours, along with Simon Petraki and of course KT The Beatboy. Good times as always. As an artist, the fun part of the music business in my opinion is always the creative one. I love nothing more than watching my song ideas come to life in the studio. So far, I am extremely confident in this project. After having acquired a deeper understanding of the present music industry, I can safely say that I am coming out with something fresh, but also relevant. Me and KT have put together some songs that follow the tendency of today’s popular music, but that will still remain original in their sound and topics. I am very excited to see this project come to life. I will be back in the studio this week to work on it some more.


Dominican Republic

I just got back from Dominican Republic last thursday, and let me tell you, it was a hell of a trip!

Me and four of my friends booked some rooms at the Grand Palladium Resort. We chose this one because we had been there 2 years ago, and we knew a few guys from the staff over there. Therefore, from the very first night, the madness started. I won’t get into too many details but, a lifetime of fun is understating what happened during this trip.

As I mentionned before, I am presently working on a couple of songs with a Dembow artist from the capital of this country, Mr. Profeta. So on Sunday morning, I packed up a little bag of things and took the bus to Santo Domingo (my friends thought I was crazy to go there by myself).  I can’t tell you how hospitable that guy was. He took me to his home, his mother made us a good traditionnal home cooked meal,  and let me knock out in his bed. When I woke up, he took me accross town to the outskirts of the city in a little town called Seibo. Over there was a party in the street, but one like I had never seen before! Only thing I regret is not having my camera at that moment, as what I saw was amazing. A swarm of people in the street just drinking and dancing to the latest Dembow releases. Dembow lover that I am, I was in paradise!

After the party we took the bus back to his house. His mother had left some more food for me to try, so we ate once more! And when I say Profeta knows how to treat his guests, this guy paid for almost everything, telling me to put away my money everytime I tried to contribute. I couldn’t thank him enough for this experience, and I am definetly planning on spending another week there, because two days and one night was just not enough! So s/o to my Dominican brother, the one and only, Mr. Profeta, “El verdadero tiguere”.

When I got back to my friends at the hotel, we spent the next three days going crazy at a local stripclub called “La Conejita”. Once again, no details necessary, but let me just say, things got wild ;) . So that resumes this year’s annual trip to Punta Cana, and of course, I’ll be counting days until I get back to this beautiful country…